Children beyond poverty.

We are an international Christian children’s charity with the mission to empower children in the world's most disadvantaged nations to rise beyond poverty under the leadership of local champions.

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  1. Partnering with native initiatives to help children rise beyond poverty.
  2. Offering learning opportunities to our partners in the Global South.
  3. Raising the next generation of charitable workers in the UK and beyond.
  1. 385 million children live in poverty
  2. 258 million young people do not attend school
  3. 20% of children struggle with their mental health

Our Charity Shops

We operate eight charity shops in the South of England, providing an easy way to support our mission to help some of the poorest children in the world rise beyond poverty. With a great range of products, you're sure to find something you like while contributing to this worthy cause right on your doorstep.

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What we do is only possible thanks to people like you. The more donations we receive, the more children we can help rise beyond poverty around the world through our local partners.