Different look, same mission.

In collaboration with artists worldwide, we have just launched our new branding and shared the ethos behind it.

The Y in CRY symbolises a child crossing a finish line and it is an arrow pointing forward.

The logo features an arrow pointing resolutely forward, symbolising CRY's commitment to propelling children forward in their life journeys. This imagery evokes progress, growth, and the boundless potential of every child — a powerful testament to CRY's unwavering dedication to championing positive change. The logo also depicts a representation of a finish line being crossed, serving as a universal symbol of success and achievement. This iconic imagery symbolises the enduring triumph that CRY envisions for the children it serves, emphasising their capacity to overcome obstacles, realise their full potential, and rise to the finish line beyond poverty. 

Our new branding highlights the children and the champions who serve them daily, placing them in the spotlight through compelling images, videos, and case studies.