CRY Forum 2024

The vision:

In 2023, following several conversations and surveys amongst our project partners in Africa, in faith, we have decided to pilot an Educational forum for African educators in West Africa. The forum gathered leaders from across 8 nations and it was held in Conakry, Guinea. The concept behind this forum is that it was led 100% by local and native African leaders or long-term overseas workers. We gathered the expertise from our partners in different areas (micro-finance, orphanages, schools, street children ministries), and these delivered workshops to other partners working in the same field across West Africa.

As a charity, based in the UK, we do not have the full knowledge, experience, or understanding of the various African dynamics, cultures, and ways of operating. And therefore, who else is better than leaders on the ground to share good practices, teach, educate, and shape one another?

The first forum was an amazing gathering. Following the success of the pilot forum and the tangible outcome that emerged in the lives of our partners and their beneficiaries - in faith, we decided to go again in 2024 - but this time, we have invited all our partners and friends across Sub-Sahara Africa.

We will be all gathering in Nairobi, Kenya in May 2024.